15 Revitalizing Sleep Products

From battling insomnia to uncomfortable bedding, revitalizing sleep can often seem out of reach for individuals. Fortunately, there are many diverse products on the market that aim to help optimize rest and support consumer health by minimizing restless nights.

Cannabis is definitely a famous ingredient in the quest for revitalizing sleep and Kin Slips Essentials is revolutionizing this category with its hemp-derived sleep blend. Formulated with soothing turpentine oils and a 5mg CBN/5mg CBD blend, just put a small strip under your tongue to slip into a sweet slumber. The all-new Natrol Sleep+ capsules are also a great option for those looking to get revitalizing sleep without cannabis. The brand recently introduced a brand new line of capsules containing a premium blend of melatonin and health-promoting secondary ingredients.

A change of bedding can also help achieve a revitalizing sleep as comfort is the key to a good rest. Sleep Country’s 37.5 pillow, on the other hand, is an excellent companion during the hot summer months, as its highly optimized fiber construction has a thermoregulating effect. Benji Sleep also offers high quality bedding at an affordable price.


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