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An increasing number of new mobile phone models are released every year. Whether they are equipped with better cameras or more powerful batteries, there are always useful features to attract new buyers.

But what happens to the demographic that can’t afford newer and brighter models? Or to those who only update when their current phones are worn out and can’t work anymore? This is where second-hand phones come into play.

If you think second hand phones are of inferior quality, you are wrong! With CompAsia, you can expect quality used phones at a fraction of their original price. Do not you believe it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Guaranteed quality phones

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Unlike other stores offering second-hand phones, CompAsia has a buy-and-trade agreement with major telecom companies and phone manufacturers, ensuring that all phones are authentic and of good quality. Each phone undergoes a thorough 32-step inspection by qualified technicians according to industry gold standard practices to ensure quality.

These professionals make sure that all used phones have between 80% and 100% battery power, as well as a functional camera, battery, speaker and sensor. Plus, each certified device is resold along with a charging cable and adapter, so you won’t have to shell out more money to get the accessories you need.

Not just at a fraction of the price, but with a guarantee too!

If you’re still worried about the quality of pre-loved phones, you’ll be happy to hear that CompAsia offers a free month warranty which can also be extended to 12 months! So regardless of the problem, you can expect to fix it without any problems.

CompAsia also offers two different grades of devices: “Excellent”, which is as good as new, and “Fair”, which is cheaper. Not only that, CompAsia also offers installment plans with 0% interest, with Buy now Options pay later available. This means you can find a phone that fits your personal and budget needs, with certified quality to boot!

You will save up to 50% of what you would have spent on buying a new phone by opting for a second-hand device. Plus, top brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others are available to choose from when you shop with CompAsia.

Win and save more with 11.11!

Compasia 11.11 sponsored post-telephone resale
Image: CompAsia

From November 1st to November 11th, you can also spin a wheel when you visit theirs website and you will have the chance to win special promo codes and other great gifts!

This 11.11, expect to win promo codes up to RM 111 and free gifts and gadget accessories worth up to RM 159! With gifts and promotional codes worth RM 100,000 available for your winnings, it’s a breeze to check out CompAsia.

So who said second-hand cheap phones mean lower quality? With CompAsia, you can trust that all products are of the highest quality and affordable. Interested? Visit CompAsia Official site to find out more – and don’t forget to follow them Instagram, Facebook, Tic knock And Twitter to keep up to date on the latest offers.

This article was brought to you by CompAsia.

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