Game review now on mobile apps is proud to announce that you can now enjoy Game Review in the latest versions of our mobile apps for Android and iOS! Study your moves like never before, review key moments and savor your latest brilliant move right from your phone. Make sure you update your app to start enjoying the game review and other improvements right away.

If you haven’t installed the app on your phone yet, download it now on your iOS or Android device:

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In addition to Game Review, we’ve made other significant improvements that you can’t miss. Check out all the news:

The game review arrives on mobile devices

Having a deep understanding of your games has never been easier – now you can check your games right from your phone with Game Review! Wherever you are, you now have access to all the tools you need to analyze your games.

The game review is now available on mobile devices

Your new mobile game review is now much more like the one you can find on the web. After each match, you can tap “Start” to review every single move and let your trusty virtual manager show you all the key moments of the match. Just like in the web version, the trainer will stop at your last move in the book and tell you the name of the opening, how well you perform with it, and some moves the masters play in the resulting position.

Check your opening stats on Game Review.

After tapping “Forward”, the coach will continue and stop whenever there is a key moment: a great move you have played or where you could have avoided making a mistake. Whenever he gets to one of your missteps, he’ll give you a chance to improve your game by making a different move.

Retry your mistakes on mobile with the new game review

Diamond members can now also enjoy the coach’s explanations on mobile devices too! The coach will tell you the purpose behind each move and explain why a move was good or bad.

The coach explains why a move was good or bad.

New analysis tab

The game review isn’t the only thing that has changed. You can now launch an analytics card directly from your phone. Whether you want to set up and control a specific position or review a game while reading a chess book, this is the perfect tool for improving your chess. You can also choose to display the engine rating, lines or arrows showing threats and the best move. Go to the Learn tab and start analyzing games!

New analytics tab on mobile.

Other improvements

The new version of the app offers many other improvements that will make your mobile chess experience smoother and more fun. Below you can find a list of all the changes we have made:

  • Reorganized game board that makes navigation easier and shows the daily series of puzzles.
  • You can now challenge your friends to a match using a QR code (Android only).
  • Robots now have more personalities and will talk during a match.
  • You can watch your favorite top players by going to the Watch tab.
  • Use the stats screen to see how you rank against other players.
  • Check your opponents in the brand new profile screen (iOS only).

Download the app for iOS and Android

Update your iOS or Android apps today to experience all these new features! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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