OH! Incredible Price Reduction of iPhone 13 Mini! Get the 79900 phone for 51949

Incredible price reduction of iPhone 13 Mini on Amazon brings it to 51949! Find out the details of the offer below.

IPhone fan? There is a spectacular offer for you! If you are someone who uses an iPhone 12 or earlier device and has been looking to upgrade for a while, but budget constraints have become a stumbling block for you, then know we understand. So, here we reveal an offer that might suit you perfectly. During the Diwali sale, many iPhone devices were offered at an affordable price. However, if you’ve missed that great wave, there’s no need to repent just yet. Amazon has launched an interesting new offer. In this limited offer, you get an iPhone 13 Mini price reduction offer, which reduces the price by Rs. 79999 smartphone down to just Rs. 51949.

iPhone 13 Mini cut on Amazon

The retail price of the iPhone 13 Mini 128GB variant is Rs. 79999. However, there is an incredible discount on the smartphone. With this iPhone 13 Mini price reduction offer, you get a fixed discount of 17%. This is a whopping Rs. 14000 discount on the iPhone device. After this discount, you just need to pay Rs. 65999. This part of the agreement is provided without swap deals, bank offers or any other loopholes. For many, this in itself would be an exciting offer. But if you still find this price a little too much, you can cut another big chunk with just one small step.


Amazon also has an exchange offer of up to Rs. 14050. All you need is a working smartphone to be able to benefit from this. However, not all smartphones will have similar trading value. The discount is based on the resale value of the smartphone, and an equally expensive smartphone may be required to get the full amount. However, you will receive a discount no matter which device you switch. If you can get the full value of the swap offer, you can take the iPhone 13 Mini home for just Rs. 51949. By doing this you are saving a whopping Rs. 28050. The savings are enough to buy an AirPods Pro 2nd Generation which is worth Rs. 26900.


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