Our long-term 2022 BMW 330e phone app works beautifully

Most of the new cars you buy these days have apps that go with them as part of the ownership experience. Our long-term BMW 330e xDrive 2022 is no exception. With the “My BMW” app you can do anything and we have tested it.

Since we have the 330e PHEV, the app has even more functions and menus to dive into than a simple gasoline BMW. In fact, it’s a playground for people who like to monitor their charging habits, energy consumption, costs, and so on.

Starting with the basics, however, the My BMW app home screen is just what we like to see in a car app. Our Portimao Blue Metallic 330e welcomes us to the opening screen and even wears the right optional rims and optional red painted M Sport brakes – in many cases, car apps feature generic images of a model, not your specific car as equipped . Seeing our exact car as an option in the app just gives us the warm blur you should experience when paying big bucks for a luxury vehicle.

Warnings or action items are clearly visible (but not in an annoying way) at the top. Below that, you get the main row of buttons that you’ll normally find on a keychain. From anywhere in the world, you can lock, unlock, honk, flash lights or start the 330e remotely. It takes about 20-30 seconds between pressing the buttons on the app and the car responding, which is a reasonable response time for over-the-air requests.

A “vehicle finder” can help you locate the 330e if you have forgotten where it is parked, but scroll further down and you get to the juicy stuff. A “Charging” section is here which shows how many charging sessions you have done in a month and how many kWh of energy you have charged. Tap this section and a gold mine of data will appear. The app records every single charging session from when it started until you reach 100% or disconnect. Get the location it was charged at, how long it lasted, how much power it absorbed, mileage … the list goes on.

Even more intriguing is a cost calculator. Assuming you tell the BMW app how much electricity costs (per kWh) where you plugged in, the app will automatically calculate how much each charge costs you. When trying to do math to see how much money you’re saving by driving around a PHEV, this could be an invaluable feature.

In our tests, a 0-100% charge costs around $ 2, giving or taking a few cents depending on the energy costs of the specific city. Driven sensibly, our range test showed that the 330e has around 25 miles of electric range before the 2.0-liter turbo gas engine starts. After draining the battery, the 330e xDrive is rated for 25 mpg combined. This math is easy: a full charge was equivalent to about a gallon of gasoline in our case. The average price of gas has been everywhere in the last year, but the common theme has been expensive. Considering our 330e requires premium fuel, the savings from connecting are even greater. Using today’s average of $ 4.52 for a gallon of premium, it costs us just under half the money to run the 330e on electricity versus fuel. If your guide doesn’t take you more than 20-25 miles a day, those savings will add up!

Without the app breaking it down, the benefits of a PHEV might seem a little hazy or difficult to calculate. It is really cool to see BMW making information available to those who wish to see, as it is a definite plus for the ownership experience.

In addition to these nerdy things, BMW has put a ton of other features into the app such as a charging scheduler (lets you schedule when charging should begin) / remote start scheduler, charging station finder (we still prefer charging apps). third party), a service scheduler, owner’s manual, a travel history tracker, range readings for gas and electric range, and of course a way to buy more BMW / additional stuff for your current BMW. At least these last two elements are found in other tabs that you can completely ignore if you wish.

The last thing we’ll notice is how smooth and hassle-free the app has been over the months of use. It is clear that a real effort has been made to make operation enjoyable and frustration-free. Not all manufacturers can say the same about their app, and it’s a part of the ownership experience that is becoming more and more important as we delve into the future of electric vehicles.

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