The price of diesel surpasses $ 3 per liter after the overnight increase

The price of diesel and furnace oil jumped overnight in New Brunswick.

The maximum price of diesel including delivery rose by 68.6 cents to 307.3 cents per liter.

Meanwhile, the peak prices of bakery oil with delivery increased by 67.2 cents to 284.6 cents per liter.

The overnight rise has brought both fuels to their highest prices since at least 2006, when the Energy and Utilities board began regulating fuel prices.

Fuel prices are generally reset to zero every Wednesday at midnight. But prices can be changed, higher or lower, at any time if the reference price changes by more than six cents in one day.

Farmers who hurt

Rising prices create problems for industries that rely on diesel, such as agriculture.

Coburn Farms’ David Coburn said the impact will be immediate.

“We have just started our cereal maize harvest this year for the season and it will take about $ 1,000 more per day to harvest our maize crop,” he said.

“With all the trucks, tractors and combines in operation, it will be a great success.”

Mark Smith of Springhill Farms said the increase will be felt now. But it will be worse if it continues until next spring and summer “when we start using tractors more”.

A trend?

The rise in diesel and heating oil isn’t just impacting New Brunswickers.

In Nova Scotia, the price of diesel rose 15 cents overnight to 248.7 cents.

Meanwhile in Newfoundland and Labrador, diesel prices rose by 27 cents for most of the province, while heating oil in parts of Labrador rose by 30.92 cents.

There was a nine cent per liter increase on both fuels on Prince Edward Island.

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