Some WestJet services resume after a technology outage on Saturday flights stuck on the ground and passengers stranded

WestJet said earlier Sunday that its technology systems are back online, but it will take some time to get its schedule back on track.

Update: WestJet said on Sunday that its planes will resume flying after a technology outage on Saturday that forced many flights to be canceled, but it will take some time to get its schedule back on track. He released this statement on Twitter: “All systems are now online and stable. Unfortunately, we expect further outages as we work to recover from the system-wide outage. We sincerely regret the significant inconvenience.”

Online departure and arrival cards for airports across Canada listed several cancellations for WestJet morning flights, including a 6:00 am departure from Victoria to Calgary and a 6:05 am departure to Vancouver. But many flights by the end of the day were reported to be on time.

In a response to a question on Twitter, a WestJet representative said Sunday, “Rebuilding a program takes time to get new crews, new landing windows, and get the planes where they were originally intended.”

The airline did not explain why its technological systems failed.

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WestJet suffered what it called a “system-wide outage” on Saturday that delayed or canceled its flights.

The problem has blocked WestJet passengers at airports across Canada.

At the end of Saturday and early Sunday, online departure and arrival boards at airports across the country showed numerous delayed or canceled WestJet flights.

In a line of hundreds of people at the WestJet counter at Vancouver International Airport at the end of Saturday, passengers reported that they had not received information on when flights would be available.

After a long wait in line, they were offered a hotel room in the airport area for the night (until exhaustion) and a refund of their meals and taxi fare. Some passengers heading to Victoria have decided to stay in a hotel for the night and then go to Tsawwassen for a ferry trip.

WestJet said its contact center was unable to access guest bookings due to the outage. He did not provide a reason for the discontinuation.

Calgary International Airport said in a Twitter message that passengers flying through its airport could experience delays “due to a WestJet global IT outage.” He said passengers should check flight information with their airline.

WestJet did not say when the service will be restored.

“WestJet is aware of a system-wide outage affecting operations and we continue to work to bring all systems online,” said Madison Kruger, WestJet’s media relations consultant, in a statement sent via e-mail.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing guests, as unfortunately the impact of the outage is still being felt across all of our operations and now translates into further cancellations and increasing delays.”

Vancouver Airport said in a statement on Saturday: “WestJet’s operations are currently affected by a system-wide outage that began on November 5, 2022. The impact of the outage is causing delays and cancellations of WestJet flights across the country. Vancouver International Airport (YVR). “

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