The foldable iPhone is now a reality thanks to a year-long DIY project

Apple has been rumored to have been a part of the foldable phone race for some time, but early reports suggest it is at least a couple of years away at this point and it may not even be an iPhone but an iPad tablet.

Instead of waiting for Apple’s foldable iPhone, the team went to Technological aesthetics decided to venture out and create a clamshell folding with the insides of the iPhone X and the chassis of a 2019 Motorola Razr. The resulting device is called the iPhone V and took nearly a year of hard work, reverse engineering and multiple instances of trying and errors to be completed.

The team behind the project took an iPhone X screen and gutted the glass cover and touch layers leaving the OLED flexible. The process was far from simple and required delicate maneuvers, advanced machinery, and a total of 37 iPhone X screens before you had a usable one.

The project also involved a pair of Motorola Razr 2019 that were taken apart to accommodate the iPhone X internals. The team built a custom motherboard with 3D printed components. Sacrifices had to be made due to space restrictions and the phone ended up with a 1,000mAh battery cell which sadly doesn’t support wireless charging or MagSafe.

The foldable iPhone is now a reality thanks to a year-long DIY project

With the hardware side out of the way, the Technological aesthetics the team started tweaking iOS to better fit the fold screen via jailbroken mods. The finished device supports split-screen app instances and can use both sides of the foldable display.

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