Pokémon publishes an interactive gallery full of nostalgia for past games

Ahead of the launch of Scarlet Pokémon And Viola, The Pokémon Company has released a gallery showing the history of the video game series. Unfortunately, the clip is mostly in Japanese, and a simple translation page on Chrome won’t help.

However, looking at all the box art for the Japanese versions of the games in this online gallery is still interesting. Clicking on the individual pieces in the gallery will show the images of the game they come from. Again, I’m only in Japanese, but it’s still full of nostalgia. As you continue through the gallery, the music also changes depending on the title you are reading.

It is a very interesting interactive gallery that takes you through all the previous games in the main series. This makes me more excited for the next Pokémon games Scarlet And Viola on November 18.

Source: Pokémon

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