Samsung Frame TV 2022 offer

Samsung’s Frame TV is one of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing TVs you can buy, although it’s by no means cheap. A 75-inch 2022 Frame TV will run you a whopping $3,000 full price. Luckily, during the brand’s first Black Friday sale, you can get this model $1,000 off, just two dollars off the best price we’ve seen yet for the 75-inch size. Popular TVs tend to sell out when they go on sale, so don’t delay if you’ve been wanting to grab one for the living room.

The best Black Friday deals for Samsung Frame TV

The popularity of the Frame TV is due to the fact that it is designed to double as a decoration, blending seamlessly into your living space. The customizable frame looks like a picture frame (hence the name) and can display over 1,000 paintings, photographs and artwork when you’re not busy watching Netflix. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s carefully curated aesthetic by having a big blank screen in the center of the room.

While the Samsung Frame TV gets rave reviews for its aesthetics and picture quality, it’s worth noting that it can’t beat higher-end OLED TVs when it comes to vibrancy and features. So, if you’re a big cinephile or gamer, you might want to look into other models. But when you’re looking at advanced features secondary to how well a TV fits into your home, the Frame is by far your best bet.

All seven sizes of the 2022 Frame TV are currently discounted on Samsung’s site, but you’ll find the biggest discount percentage on the 55-inch and 75-inch models, both 33 percent off. If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, you’ll want to go for the 32-inch one, which is capped at $550.

And if you’re planning on waiting until Black Friday itself for a major price drop, don’t worry. We don’t expect the Frame TV price to drop much lower, and you could risk the size you want selling out before November 25th.

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