Research: Brits waste £260m of mobile data a month

Sky Mobile has reached three million customers and now claims to be the fastest growing mobile provider in the UK. With Sky Mobile allowing customers to ‘roll over’ and then keep their backup data each month, these three million customers are protected from the ‘data consumption gap’ – the chasm between the data you pay for and the data you actually use every month.

Providing customers with the ability to keep unused data is key as research shows that on average mobile users in the UK are unusing, and therefore losing, 94GB of their paid for data each year. This equates to a financial loss of £84 per person per year, a monthly loss of £260m across the UK.

This overpayment is a combination of most vendors not allowing customers to keep their unused data, as well as a lack of transparency about how much data customers need to meet their needs, therefore creating a “data consumption gap”:

  • On average, Britons have almost half (44%) of their data remaining at the end of each month
  • However, two in five (39%) say they pay for more data in case it runs out
  • Nearly half (46%) don’t understand how much using 1GB equates to causing a lack of understanding on how much data they need each month

With over half of Brits (52%) saying they want to spend less on their mobile phone contract due to the rising cost of living, Sky is asking Britons to check their mobile plans to see how much data they’re using and if they could be saving money by changing or modifying their contract.

Paul Sweeney, chief executive of Sky Mobile, said: “At a time when we are all trying to ease financial pressures, it’s more important than ever to ensure your mobile contract offers good value for money. We should all check our contracts to make sure that our mobile operator gives us the flexibility to evolve according to our needs. […] Our goal from the beginning has been to create value and equity for our clients and this is what we continue to do day after day for our three million clients.”

Part of this data consumption gap is because people don’t understand what 1GB equals. Sky recommends keeping in mind that watching 80 minutes of a standard definition video or scrolling for 16 hours on the internet would use 1GB of data.

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