6 Ways To Wear 2022’s Trending Hair Ribbons, As Modeled By Your Fave K-Pop Stars

It seems like a new trend is emerging every day when it comes to K-pop style, and there’s one notable pattern emerging when it comes to your favorite female idols: hair bows! They’re a great way to get creative with hairstyling and can be used in so many ways to add a whimsical touch to any look. Here are some amazing examples!

TWICE’s Nayeon

From teasers to stage performances to the music video for his solo debut with “POP!”, TWICE’s Nayeon wore a lot of bows – so there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from! This look features two long, thin ribbons braided asymmetrically through her hair. One is tied at the top and the other at the bottom for a typical pigtail twist.

Gaeul from IVE

Short hair can sometimes be trickier to style, but never fear – Gaeul is here, and she has plenty of ways to accessorize! In this performance of IVE’s recent comeback song “After LIKE,” she has a shiny little ribbon almost the same shade as her braided hair. It’s subtle but a cool way to add an eye-catching shine to her hair. She also proves that arches work on bobs too!

Girls’ Generation YoonA

YoonA has long been a fan of the hair bow, and she proves to us that there are plenty of ways to wear one while remaining sophisticated! In this “FOREVER 1” performance, she wore it cut to the side to pull her hair back and show off her side-parted hairstyle. She has plenty of other examples on her Instagram to use as inspiration too!

Choi Ye Na

Former IZ*ONE member Choi Ye Na has captured a lot of attention with her bold style since her solo debut. This hairstyle for her “SMARTPHONE” performance is scaled down to Choi Ye Na’s standards, but she’s still super cute! She has two French ribbons braided in her hair and then she rolled the braids into two low buns. Kind of like colored extensions without the need for extensions!

Huening Bahiyyih from Kep1er

Another huge fan of the bow, Huening Bahiyyih went oversized with her prop for this “Up!” stage of Kep1er’s most recent comeback. By keeping the bow low at the back of her head, she gives off some serious Disney Princess vibes without the bow distracting too much from her beautiful features. A ribbon never fails to brighten up her look!


Rosé has been a big topknot fan of late, as evidenced by her Instagram posts and some recent performances of BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom.” The style is even more unique when she adds a ribbon, and she’s even proven that there’s versatility with just one style! By threading the ribbon in the bun or simply putting a knot in the back, she gives totally different vibes.

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