A definitive ranking of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books


Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm or a casual reader, look no further than author Taylor Jenkins Reid for a gripping story that’s sure to make you forget to check your phone for a few hours. TJR books make you feel like you’ve entered the world of a very real person (or a celebrity in a few cases), so you’ll often have a hard time remembering that you just read a book. of fiction.

Take The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which has inspired several TikTok tribute videos to its Hollywood starlet lead character Evelyn Hugo (who I have to remind you doesn’t exist IRL), using vintage photos and music videos of blonde actresses who embody her glamor at the Marilyn Monroe. Or Daisy Jones in The Six, about a fictional ’70s rock band whose fans are dying to know what their music would sound like if it was actually on Spotify. The bottom line is this: these are the types of novels to read if you’re looking to be swept up in a dazzling, entertaining story with compelling characters.

It’s important to keep in mind here that literally every one of TJR’s books is widely regarded as good, so whichever option you pick in this leaderboard is likely to be a winner. Ready to dive? Keep reading for our ranking of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books in order of least amazing to most amazing.

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Case Proof by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This short story follows a woman who writes a letter to a man she has never met, revealing an affair between their husbands. Told entirely through letters between them and between their spouses, it’s a truly intriguing exploration of love and betrayal, but seems to fall to the bottom of many readers’ TJR rankings.


Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

After meeting her boyfriend from high school, a woman’s fate hinges on her next move. In alternate chapters, this book follows two of those choices and what would happen in each scenario. As you read about the two alternate realities, you start to wonder if certain things are really meant to be and if soul mates really exist.


Forever, Interrupted: A Novel (Paperback) by Taylor Jenkins Reid

water stone


This story follows a woman in her twenties who has an adorable encounter with a man while picking up pizza, falls head over heels in love, and then marries him a few months later. But things take a dark turn when he is killed just nine days into their marriage, and she must begin a complicated healing process. This book will remind you that there is more than one way to find a happy ending.


One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Make sure you have your tissues ready for this one, because TikTok’s @megbooks02, who also ranked it number six, says it made him sob.

In this novel, Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, and builds an exciting life of adventure with him. But on their first wedding anniversary, Jesse’s helicopter disappears, and just like that, he’s gone forever. Emma quits her job, moves out, and eventually falls in love again. But when Jesse is found alive, Emma must find out: who is her one true love?

Live for the drama! Oh, and you’ll soon be able to see the drama on screen, as the film adaptation starring Simu Liu is slated for release this year. *Immediately adds to TBR*


After I Do: A Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Washington Square Press


This one topped the charts from TikTok’s @megbooks02 – who states that if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, this one’s for you. It follows married couple Lauren and Ryan, who decide to take a year off in hopes of finding a way to fall in love again.

During their year of separation, the only rule is that they cannot contact each other. Will they fall in love again? Or will they leave for good? It sounds like the perfect modern TBH wedding story.


Carrie Soto Is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The latest release on this list is Carrie Soto Is Back, which comes out August 30. Book bloggers rate it somewhere in the middle, better than previous TJR novels, but not quite triumphant as fan favorites (yet).

That being said, it’s Taylor Jenkins Reid, so it’s bound to be a great book. It’s about retired tennis icon Carrie Soto, who after watching someone break her record, makes a major decision to come out of retirement for one final year in an effort to reclaim it. We love a feedback!


Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

In third place, Daisy Jones & The Six. Daisy Jones is a young, beautiful and talented solo artist on her way to stardom when she is paired with the up-and-coming rock band The Six. The book tells the story of Daisy’s wild and reckless journey to the top, and follows the controlling nature of the Six’s leader, Billy, and his struggle to deal with the temptations of his rock and roll lifestyle. When Daisy and Billy meet, the stars align and sparks fly for a truly fiery tale. If you like this book, we have good news: filming for the next Amazon Prime TV series starring Riley Keough, Sam Claflin and Suki Waterhouse is complete!


Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Malibu Rising



Up close, this fan favorite follows four famous siblings who throw an epic party to celebrate the end of summer. But in the space of twenty-four hours, their lives change forever. That’s really all you need to know about this book, plus the fact that Bookstagrammers and BookTokers everywhere can’t get enough of it. It’s all about summer, scandal and secrets – what more could you ask for?


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Now on to the Queen herself, Miss Evelyn Hugo. You’ve probably heard of this über popular novel – it’s all over BookTok and Bookstagram, and it’ll even be made into a Netflix movie soon.

It follows a legendary film actress on her relentless rise to the top and dives deep into the risks she takes, the relationships she makes and breaks, and the secrets she hides from the public. This book will transport you to the world of Hollywood and get you invested in Evelyn as if she were a real actress (you’ll probably be tempted to google her just to verify that she’s fictional). This has to take the top spot on our list.

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