Aaron Taylor-Johnson was hospitalized while filming ‘Bullet Train’

A fight scene from Brad Pitt’s upcoming film “Bullet Train” left co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson passed out on set, ultimately resulting in his hospitalization.

After going on a ‘crazy crazy Keto diet’ in an effort to get ‘lean and lean’ for the movie, the actor passed out due to ‘low blood sugar’ shortly after sustaining a hand injury.

“We were in a fight streak and I get kicked across the room. And the one sharp piece in the corner where there was no padding tore a piece out of my hand. i literally went bangpassed out,” Taylor-Johnson, 32, told Variety of the incident.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been hospitalized after sustaining an injury on the set of ‘Bullet Train’.
Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

“Then I came back and I was like, ‘Should we go back?’ and they were like ‘No, no, no. You have to go to the hospital for stitches. So I spent the night in the hospital,’ he added.

Taylor-Johnson, who has previously starred in action movies like ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, knew working with director David Leitch, a stuntman himself, would likely involve taking a few bumps. and bruises.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Taylor-Johnson has starred in several action movies.

“When you sign up for a David Leitch movie, you know you must have some battle scars, war wounds.”

The actor recently celebrated his 10th birthday with wife Sam Taylor-Johnson, 55, as the couple renewed their vows last month.

The cast of "High-speed train."
The cast of “Bullet Train” attended the film’s premiere in Los Angeles on Monday.
Jen Lowery/MEGA

“We… confessed our love in front of our closest and dearest friends and family, it was a celebration of love and joy!” the actor told his Instagram followers in June.

“A decade of marriage,” he continued. “It was an unforgettable magical day and the sun never stopped shining on both of us.. we are blessed beyond belief. ❤️ Sammy you are my love, my life, my soulmate, my wife, my world! ❤️.”


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