Alan Wake remake coming to unexpected console


Alan Wake remake coming to unexpected console

Jason Collins | 9 seconds ago In a promotional video that was admittedly anticipated years ago, Remedy Entertainment announces Alan Wake Rem

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Jason Collins | 9 seconds ago


In a promotional video that was admittedly anticipated years ago, Remedy Entertainment announces Alan Wake Remasterremastered version of the 2010 action adventure. Alan Wake, comes out to an amazing console. The remastered version of the game was previously released in late 2021 for Sony game consoles and Xbox Game Pass supported hardware. However, according to the latest announcement, the remaster is now coming to the Nintendo Switch.


Porting a game from one console to another isn’t all that surprising, and game makers have been doing it since the beginning of multi-platform releases. However, what is really amazing about the Switch version Alan Wake Remastered the fact is that the game is not a port. According to a report published by Nintendo Life, the upcoming game is specifically designed to run natively on Switch hardware, which has recently dropped in price, and will only be released as a digital Switch.

A specific release date for the game was not mentioned. Remedy Entertainment has gone missing amidst an avalanche of information, but the company has promised to reveal a release date in the coming months, closer to the game’s launch. This may indicate that we can get a Switch version for Alan Wake Remastered by the end of the year, although based on current trends in the gaming industry, fans should add another 6-12 months to our guess. It would seem that the gaming industry decided to be fashionably late – too fashionable, if you ask us.

According to our previous report, the original Alan Wake The game was released in 2010 for the legendary Xbox 360 and was released on PC via Steam two years later. The Xbox release was itself a huge commercial and critical success, and paved the way for the subsequent PC release to have fantastic financial results, with the PC version’s sales revenue exceeding the development and marketing costs of the game within 48 hours of release. Very impressive.

However, the original game was completely exclusive to Microsoft platforms and completely excluded owners of PlayStation consoles – something that Remedy Entertainment was looking to fix when they acquired the rights from Microsoft and released the game. Alan Wake Remastered on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Unfortunately, a game of this magnitude never got a sequel due to licensing issues and lack of publishing permission from Microsoft Studios.

But this is old news; in addition to the release announcement Alan Wake Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, Remedy Entertainment announced that the development Alan Wake 2 (not official title) is going well, and that the game should be ready to launch in 2023, despite no in-game footage or demo. Some may take this as a bad omen and brace themselves for another crushing delay. However, creating a gameplay trailer or playable demo takes months of work, which can take away from development.

alan wake

We don’t say delay Alan Wake Remaster impossible; we say some of us still remember the time when we only had one 240p or 360p trailer before a game was released. Perhaps some rumors from gaming magazines, which were then still printed on real paper, but nothing more. The lack of a playable demo or gameplay trailer didn’t point to a worrying development – which sadly isn’t the case for today’s gaming industry. And the games in general were better too.