Artisanal Pancake Syrup : Sovereign Syrup Sorghum

Ghetto Gastro, a New York-based collective of chefs and foodies, has announced the launch of “Sovereign Syrup Sorghum,” a limited-edition premium pancake syrup. Appropriately, the new version of the syrup follows on from the “Waffle + Pancake Mix” previously launched by the company.

Sovereign Syrup Sorghum is a unique alternative to other liquid sweeteners as it offers an unusual blend of organic black maple, apple cider and sorghum. As a result, the syrup offers a one-of-a-kind flavor profile perfect for pancakes or waffles. However, the product can also be added to baked goods as well as roasted vegetables.

According to Ghetto Gastro, Sovereign Syrup Sorghum was inspired by the abolitionist alternative to cane sugar – cane sugar being a product historically linked to the enslavement of Africans and Caribs in the United States.

Image credit: Ghetto Gastro


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