Batgirl Is Trending As Fans Fight To Save The Movie

By James Brizuela | Published

The DC-loving world was hit with a huge disappointment yesterday, as it was announced that bat girl was completely cancelled. This was alarming news given that reports indicated that the film was almost finished. Worse still, we would finally see Michael Keaton return as Batman and Brenden Fraser kicked off his comeback. The Warner Bros. merger. and Discovery has caused all sorts of trouble, as the mega studio tries to figure out how to move forward. This led fans to take to Twitter to kick off the film’s release campaign.

This is exactly our feeling. The cast for bat girl is far too talented for the film not to be shown. Although it won’t have its home at HBO Max anymore, maybe another streaming platform can step in and buy the film rights.

No one can claim there was a ton of hard work behind it bat girl and even bigger stars who have a lot at stake. Brendan Fraser was going to be a bad guy! This is enough for the film to be saved and shown elsewhere.

It’s quite confusing that Warner Bros. Discovery is wasting all that time and money not showing bat girl in the world. There was a ton of hype behind the film, and that could mean it would be very successful. Basing cancellation on bad screen tests is not the way to go.

This is also a good point. Whether bat girl can so easily be cancelled, what about other expected DC titles? blue beetle? black canary? the flash? Well, we all understand why that would make sense for the flash be cancelled, but the rest should not be in jeopardy.

We can appreciate this tweet. The ‘Release the Snyder Cut’ campaign has been massive, and it looks like the internet is more than ready for the fight. bat girl as the next campaign to attack DC and WarnerBros. Discovery.

The tweet above sums it up pretty well. It’s beyond confusing that DC went through all of this trouble for a completed movie, only to cancel it months before it was released. bat girl would open the door for black canary well, who could be in trouble now.

Great use of the boys here. Everyone should be mad at bat girl not being released. It’s quite confusing that the film will now sit there. We really hope that a heroic streaming service will save the day and allow this film to be released.

Canceling Batgirl is a big deal for Warner Bros. Discovery. This could make it seem like the studio doesn’t know how to handle a merger of this magnitude and can easily ruin the rest of DC’s plans. The problem was that DC always seemed to be trying to catch up with Marvel, which is impossible. bat girl, blue beetleand black canary It felt like the first time they didn’t try to copy the MCU. We hope that this campaign will have excellent results and we will be able to see the film.

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