Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich releases exclusive kit to commemorate 10 years of Bundesliga wins

Last season was memorable for Bayern Munich. Although they lost at the start of the DFB-Pokal and the Champions League, nothing stood against them in the Bundesliga. The 21/22 Bundesliga title was the historic 10th consecutive title, a feat never achieved before in Europe’s top five leagues.

To celebrate the occasion, Bayern released a special shirt. Looked:

The jersey commemorates ten seasons from 2012/13 to 2021/22, combining the designs of the home shirts from those ten seasons into one patchwork jersey. With just a glance, you can see the blue-red stripes of the 14/15, the horizontal red stripes of the 16/17, the zigzag pattern of the 18/19, and more.

Bayern have rarely disappointed their fans with their home kit designs over the past decade. However, putting them all in one jersey might have been a bit of a stretch. The kit looks like someone threw different shades of red, white, and blue paint all over the place, or a Spider-Man suit gone bad. It’s unlike anything you’d want to wear on the pitch or on the street.

However, it’s still a jersey that only ten consecutive champions can wear, and it shows. The shirt went on sale online for club members, and it didn’t take long to sell out. It is unknown if the shirt will be back in stock or if it will be available to the general public in the near future, as has been the case with other special edition kits, most recently the green Oktoberfest kit.

It’s also possible that the kit will be worn in an actual game in the upcoming season, but whether that will become a reality also remains a mystery. As of now, the kit is (meaning it was) exclusively available to club members.

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