Bay Area gas prices trending upwards once again

REDWOOD CITY — After months of trending downward, gasoline prices are on the rise again in the Bay Area.

KPIX 5 caught up with Marilyn Park at a gas station in Redwood City on Friday, where she paid $59.17 for about 9 gallons of gas. She estimates it’s about $10 more than she would have paid about a month ago.

“It’s a bit more,” she said.

Park says she really noticed the upward trend at her favorite station in San Mateo.

“They’ve gone up a lot since yesterday,” she said. “A station I normally go to in San Mateo that’s really cheap was $5.19 yesterday. Today it was closed, but their sign said $5.49.”

According to AAA figures on Friday, here is the average cost of a gallon of gas in several Bay Area communities:

San Francisco: $5.83
San Jose: $5.68
Oakland: $5.69
Saint-Raphael: $5.82
Vallejo: $5.55

Here’s what the average prices were in the same communities a month ago:

San Francisco: $5.51
San Jose: $5.36
Oakland: $5.38
Saint-Raphael: $5.43
Vallejo: $5.27

“I wish they would come back down,” Park said.

AAA spokesman John Treanor said there are many factors at play near and far that likely affect gasoline prices.

“First, we have a potential hurricane coming. Whenever hurricane season comes it can have an effect on the oil industry and prices tend to go up,” he said. “At the same time, in California, we have what is called oil refinery turnaround season. Now is the time when oil refineries are taken offline for maintenance and inspection. other refineries have had unscheduled maintenance, and that means supply just isn’t keeping up with demand.”

He described the situation as a supply and demand problem.

“Some of these things are temporary, meaning they’re going to have an effect, but not a lasting effect. Others we don’t know when they’re going to end,” he said.

Park hopes prices will stabilize, or better yet, reverse in the near future.

“It makes me think twice about stepping out of the way,” she said.

Statewide, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is $5.58 and the national average is $3.68, according to AAA.


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