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It was an emotional moment for BBC News viewers as they watched the Queen embark on her journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh. The royal, who died on Thursday, will be led by six of the estate’s gamekeepers lifting the coffin into the hearse around 10 a.m. With the journey expected to take six hours, thousands are expected to line the streets to view his coffin and pay their respects. ITV and the BBC broadcast the solemn moment, but BBC News sparked outrage when they appeared to suffer a technical error when the Queen was kicked out of Balmoral’s gates.

The screen appeared blurry to the viewers and they couldn’t see the emotional moment.

Viewers took to social media to share their frustration with the BBC coverage.

Some were angry that the technical blunder meant they couldn’t see the Queen’s coffin leave Balmoral, while others wanted the presenters to ‘stop talking’.

“@BBCNews @SkyNewsBreak sort your cameras so our queen is gone,” @Shed4Ever pointed out.

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He wrote: “@BBCNewsSad that as Queen leaves Balmoral the picture goes blank/breaks the BBC needs to do better and thoroughly pre-test their cameras/equipment especially such an important camera at the gates of Balmoral , otherwise good coverage.”

As viewers waited for the royal to leave Balmoral Castle, the newsreader explained: “A lot of people have been telling me over the past few days, this doesn’t seem real.

“They have, after all, seen this picture of the Queen meeting just five days ago, the new Prime Minister, but that moment when the coffin emerges, well, it will be something tangible.

“Let me give you a little idea of ​​what is going on and what has happened in the last few minutes at the castle itself.

“We know that six guardians… Gillies, as they are known from the Balmoral estate, will carry the coffin from the ballroom where it rests through the small dining room to the hearse.

“And the Queen will be piped out of Balmoral for the last time by her Piper, the Queen’s Piper the Sovereign’s Piper to give her her official title.” has contacted the BBC for comment.

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