Best Fashion Moments from The Hills

The hills was a revolutionary fair for many reasons (Paris, as a city, has never been more relevant). Besides giving us truly top-notch drama (and giving The Two and The Dime a tonne of the free press), he offered our middle and high school students incredible fashion inspiration. Has it all stood the test of time? Lolol no. Unless you inexplicably want to layer several ripped beanies on top of each other and pair them with your favorite Hot Topic leather jacket, in which case, inspiring!

But in the interests of preservation The hills‘ place in American fashion history, and in case anyone is looking to quit work/school/[insert responsibility here], see! Here are 42 memorable and slightly disturbed looks from this iconic show. Come for Lauren Conrad’s headband collection and The Many Hats of Justin Bobby, and stay for literally everything Heidi Montag has ever worn, including expertly layered spaghetti strap tank tops.

Plus, when you inevitably realize that you would, in fact, be wearing each of these outfits in our 2022 year, don’t worry, we’re here with you. And, as always, remember no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in, no one else, no one else can speak the words on your lips, k bye!

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When Lauren wore these sunglasses

The sunglasses were strictly a hair accessory on this show.

When Heidi went to school in this outfit

betty johnson evuhthere-thing.

*Zoom on Heidi’s jeans*

*quickly backtracks*

When Lauren was in the black headband era

This headband should have been given a supporting role credit in the intro.

When Whitney was forced to wear this

Is it even a Y2K fashion show if you’re not in the world’s smallest denim jacket?

When Audrina wore those confusing pants

Hello, I would like to report a crime.

When Lauren Kept Wearing Extra Long Tank Tops

If your spaghetti strap tank tops didn’t awkwardly cover your belt loops, what’s the point?!

When everyone looked iconic at Heidi’s birthday

I credit this exact moment for the resurgence of the corset in 2022.

When Heidi’s Outfit Caused Huge Workplace Drama

If your boss won’t let you wear it to work, find a new job!

When Heidi wore a tank top over a tank top

When in doubt, layer every shirt you own.

When Lauren and Audrina were obsessed with huge sunglasses

Sunglasses should be either so small that they don’t work, or so huge that they take up most of your face, nothing in between.

When audrian wore this hat

When Justin Bobby wore his sunglasses like this

Sadly, it really wasn’t a one-time thing

Sunglasses never asked for that.

When Justin Bobby showed up on a date that looked like this

Honestly, he would wear whatever he wears next.

And showed up at the airport looking like this

Not pictured: his acoustic guitar.

When Heidi overlapped other tanks

Queen of overlays!

When Whitney Wore This Yellow Fedora

The first of many alarming fedora moments, so get ready.

When Hilary Duff appeared in this cut

Choices were made that day.

When Justin Bobby layered two beanies

Revolutionary! Hero! The king of fashion!

When was the mood at Lauren’s Halloween party

Help, why do they look like they’re about to rob my husband?

When Heidi wore this sweater knitted by my grandmother

It’s giving Jessica Simpson in Newly weds.

When Spencer entered his cowboy phase

It was brief, but it was important.

When Lauren wore this cute polka dot headband

Core Memory Activated: Steal my dad’s polka dot tie to recreate this look.

When Audrian wore yet another floppy cap

She just couldn’t get enough!

When Lauren and Whiteny walked around Paris like this

Rather a girl who EVEN WENT TO PARIS.

When Stephanie showed up to class like this

When Lauren wore a baggy fashion vest

I’m afraid to admit that I currently wear something similar.

When Lauren paired a knit beanie with a tank top

Deciding whether or not you are hot or cold can be a lot.

Don’t forget that beanie!

When Spencer launched her crystal necklace

There aren’t too many crystals hanging from his neck.

When Justin Bobby wore many hats

When Stephanie looked exactly like Season 1 Lauren

Definitely did a double take.

When Justin Bobby and Audin went out like this

Imagine running into this couple at Les Deux.

When Lauren refused to stop wearing Fedoras

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

There was just no stopping that fedora.

When Lauren’s pearl necklace was long

Normal size for a necklace, that’s fine!

When Heidi tried winter fashion

Snow Heidi is my favorite Heidi.

When Spencer got into tye-dye

Welcome to the most iconic moment of all time.

When Spencer wore this vest to propose

less than one proposal and more of a drunken “we’re secretly getting married on vacation” but still. I would say yes.

When Audrina wore this trendy mini scarf

Nothing goes better with a tank top than a scarf, nothing!

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