Bitkub emphasizes the importance of Web3.0 and trending technology at Huawei Connect 2022 event

4. Web 3.0 and DApp on Bitkub Chain – Currently, there are several decentralized applications (DApps) on Bitkub Chain that are

4.1 Bitkub NEXT – The decentralized digital wallet on Bitkub Chain which is available for 80 countries worldwide. Currently, more than one million users are already registered in the wallet.

4.2 Bitkub NFT – The leading non-fungible token (NFT) platform that uses blockchain technology for data storage, keeps transaction records and allows users to virtually own the digital assets (NFT).

4.3 Bitkub Social DAO – Allows users to vote and participate in activities using blockchain technology to record voting polls. It will also add more utilities to the NFT.

4.4 EarnKUB – The platform on Bitkub Chain allows users to claim rewards in the form of KUB Coin or other special NFTs by completing the mission in the physical and digital world, such as attending events or organizing NFTs.

4.5 Bitkub Metaverse – The land beyond imagination opens up for you to enjoy a new dimension of experience. It will be a place of many businesses, entertainment, tourism, culture and education. Bitkub Metaverse will use cutting-edge technology like Web3 and blockchain to deliver a futuristic experience.

5. The efficiency of Bitkub Chain with the support of Huawei Cloud – Huawei Cloud is the first Web3.0 solution on Bitkub Chain. It is a service for creating Web3.0 solutions, of which 90% of Bitkub Chain’s infrastructure and 70% of official projects use Huawei Cloud Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), which could reduce costs by 35 %.

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