Brendan Rodgers appointment at Celtic makes Premier League return

Former Celtic sports science manager Jack Nayler has been appointed Everton sports science manager for the men’s first team. The move was announced on Thursday afternoon as the former Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea employee quits Champions League rivals Celtic’s RB Leipzig just weeks before the double game against the club. Angel Postecoglou.

The move was announced by outfit The Goodison Park on their website as Nayler will take on a role that will see him work closely with Frank Lampard. Nayler’s pedigree as a fitness trainer/sports scientist is hugely impressive, having worked on some of the best teams in his career.

Nayler was brought to Celtic in November 2016 by new Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers and was one of the few backroom staff who did not leave the club to join Rodgers at Leicester City in February 2019. At instead, he stayed to work. under Neil Lennon and then caretaker manager John Kennedy, but left for RB Leipzig last summer.

Celtic replaced Nayler with Anton McElhone, who must have done well to familiarize himself with Ange’s fast-paced football and the impact it could have on the team. Last December we saw the peak of injuries in the squad, but thanks to McElhone and his team they were able to keep a number of players fit during that time.

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