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Get ready, ARMY, because RM has a new project on the way. On Friday August 19, BTS announced their upcoming photography book, Me, myself and RM: Wholeness.

Without sharing a release date for the project, the K-pop group teased three previews of the self-proclaimed folio with the announcement. The first features the book’s title against a bright blue sky littered with clouds while a taut white sheet stands in the grass below. In the second, the title is written in large white capital letters on a black and white space showing a modern art exhibition. And the third is lit in sepia tones, the idol’s profile visible against a backlit entrance.


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However, it was the middle photo that caught the attention of most fans, who speculated that there were Easter eggs hidden in the photo, namely a pile of books stacked discreetly on a chair at the center of the frame. “WHAT IS THIS,” one asked in a direct response to the announcement tweet, zooming in on the backs of the three hardcover titles. Another asked: “DID HE WRITE HIS OWN BOOKS[?]”

Several fans guessed that the titles of the books had to do with the upcoming releases of the K-pop seven-piece. “BTS next album: Neutral, RM next album: rkive,” an ARMY member surmised, according to the first two books in the stack. Of course, BTS is currently taking the time to pursue individual projects like J-Hope’s first solo album. jack in the box.

The photography book follows RM’s solo trip to Switzerland, where he attended his very first Art Basel. In a vlog of the adventure posted on the official BTS YouTube channel, the Korean rapper can be seen taking part in the annual international art fair, where he found a chair designed by fellow Chris Martin and donated to his Coldplay collaborator “My Universe” an amusing shout out in the process.

The rapper isn’t the only BTS member with a photobook on the way. Jung Kook has teased his own photography tome, titled Me, Myself and Jung Kook: Jet Lag. In the photos promoting the book, Jung Kook opts for a vampire theme, with the star depicted with blood red lips and pale skin.

Check out a preview of RM’s photography book below.

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