BULLET TRAIN Star Brad Pitt Explains Why He Made That Crazy Cameo Appearance In DEADPOOL 2

Brad Pitt made an unexpected and memorable appearance as the Vanisher in 2018 Deadpool 2and the actor has just explained what led him to join the Marvel universe in such an unexpected way…

Deadpool 2 introduced X-Force, but not quite as fans expected. The team was used purely for comedic effect, with each member killed in appropriately bloody fashion before Wade Wilson charged into battle alongside Cable and Domino.

Among those who signed up for the Merc with the Mouth team was Vanisher, an unseen character who we learned was played by Brad Pitt after the mutant got caught in power lines. The High-speed train star was only on screen for a few seconds, but he remains one of the dead Pool most memorable moments from the sequel.

Speaking to Ali Plumb to promote his latest film, Pitt was asked to explain why he agreed to join the Marvel Universe in such an unconventional way, as well as what the experience was like.

“What was filming like? Pretty much the easiest thing I’ve ever done,” he admitted. “[David Leitch is] an old friend of mine and he was… he was my stuntman starting with Fight Club and going until about 2004. And then he left and became a very good director, which is rare. Rare.”

Pit added, “Ryan called and said, ‘Why not?'”

It’s hard to say if the actor has any interest in joining the MCU or the DCEU (the latter might be best passed up for now based on recent events), but we’d love to see that happen. As for that cameo, it was undeniably hilarious and the kind of thing that only the dead Pool franchise could get away with it.

Earlier this week, we actually rounded up some of the High-speed trainthe biggest cameos on ActioNewz.com. It also featured some surprise A-list talent, and you can find out who showed up by clicking here. We also have a breakdown of the post-credits scene here.


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