Burnt Books is a secret bookstore in Greenpoint that’s hidden behind a bodega

The only thing we love more than a bookstore is the one behind a very New York facade, which makes the space even more magical. A new destination has just opened in Greenpoint: Burnt Books is a vintage bookstore housed in a bodega called Green Discount Corp at 1014 Manhattan Avenue near Green Street.

To find it, head to the address, look for the graffiti-like sign that reads “BURNT BOOKS” on the sidewalk near the bodega’s entrance, walk back and be prepared to buy some books pocket watch.

While it’s nearly impossible to find Burnt Books on Google (that’s why we’re giving you the exact address and directions!), the store’s Instagram account makes the effort much more accessible.

The account is filled with images of the types of titles you’ll find there, including Ed Noon’s The living bombby Frank Kane Due or Dieby Kate Wilhelm Where the sweet birds sang late and Norbert Wiener Cybernetics. Coffee table books, non-fiction works and travel guides are also appearing.

As reported by Eater, the store was started by one Jason Mojica, the owner of nearby comic book destination Hey Kids! Comics. According to the outlet, Mojica initially sought to open a standalone second-hand bookstore but “couldn’t afford two rents,” so he instead partnered with the bodega owner in a bid to “make more business” for both. Mission accomplished, it seems.

Can you say how excited we are about a new bookstore?

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