Canada to lift COVID vaccine requirement

Detroit – Starting next month, thousands of commuters who drive daily from Detroit to Windsor are unlikely to have to prove their vaccination status at the Canadian border, as authorities are expected to drop the vaccine requirement for people entering Canada from by the end of September.

Citing “an official familiar with the matter,” The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that the Canadian government would likely end random testing for COVID-19 at airports, in addition to dropping the requirement to vaccinate to enter the country. . It will also no longer be necessary to fill in the information in the ArriveCan application.

Canada’s requirement for vaccines prompted a nationwide protest by thousands of truckers who opposed the mandate. In February, a convoy of truckers blocked the Ambassador Bridge for a week, disrupting traffic while affecting auto production and other industries.

Anti-warrant protesters are seen on Huron Church Road blocking traffic near the Ambassador Bridge Thursday, February 10, 2022.

More than 40,000 commuters, tourists and truckers carrying $323 million worth of goods typically cross the Windsor-Detroit border each day.

Canada, like the United States, requires foreign nationals to be vaccinated when entering the country. It is not immediately clear whether the United States will make a similar move by September 30.

Unvaccinated travelers who are permitted to enter Canada are currently subject to mandatory on-arrival testing and a 14-day quarantine.

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