Carbon-Neutral Plant-Based Gummies : plantbased gummies

Katjes herbal gummies are introduced to the world with animal gelatin-free formulas and made with plant and seaweed colors. Carbon neutral gummies can be purchased for snacking in three fun varieties: Rainbow, Sour and Love & Stars.

The gummies are ready to share in pink resealable pouches and the mixed bags contain the bright and bold flavors of fruits like orange, strawberry, cherry, blueberry and lime.

These plant-based gummies cater to die-hard consumers by not only avoiding the use of animal-derived gelatin (usually from pigs and cows), but also palm oil and high-carb corn syrup. fructose. Gummies appeal not only to vegetarians and flexitarians, but also to those who want to enjoy a better-for-you version of the treats they grew up with.


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