City Life Org – Celebrate PRIDE with Coffee, Cannabis, & Fashion at ENLY this Friday

Open to the public, celebrate PRIDE with coffee, cannabis and fashion at ENLY (@enly), a new hybrid cafe and candle shop in Nolita. Enjoy a variety of coffee, matcha, and tea beverages, purchase hand-poured candles, and receive free Stila lipstick, Medly cannabis, and a Travis Taddeo apparel gift card.

Portrayed by model Enly Tammela

Friday, June 24, 4-7 p.m.

ENLY, 227 Mott St., New York, NY

Learn more about ENLY:


The Nordic-inspired cafe will be the brand’s first physical location.

Model and entrepreneur Enly Tammela takes his internet business to IRL with his hybrid of coffee and candles ENLY. What was initially launched as an online effort is now manifesting in New York’s Nolita neighborhood on May 24, 2022.

Located at 227 Mott Street, the 350 square foot boutique will focus on providing top quality products in a beautifully designed space by the architect Henri Lucien Barrettmember of the New Body design collective. ENLY will serve an assortment of espresso, matcha and herbal tea drinks in personalized ceramic mugs handmade in New York.

ENLY has partnered with Devotion whose coffee they exclusively transport. caroline guntert, director of catering at ENLY, said she had always aspired to create a café program worthy of her mentors and her Swiss heritage. Some of the highlights include shaken Best Quemado and Espresso Tonic infused with flowers and smudged with the aroma of Palo Santo. as well as their signature little bites like Estonian dark rye bread toast baked by Enly’s Estonian friend right here in New York and Eleven Madison Park granola which is served with coconut yogurt and a drizzle of honey.

The commercial part will include ENLY Unique candles hand poured with natural soy and coconut wax, non-toxic fragrances and natural crackle wood wicks. There are two sizes to choose from: 13 oz candles ($75) and custom hand blown candles that hold 4 pounds of wax ($490). All ENLY The candles are hand poured in New York by Enly itself, made in small batches and have a clean, eco-friendly burn time of approximately 95 hours for 13 oz candles and approximately 200 hours for large candles personalized.

The candle vases for the personalized candles are hand blown in New York by an extremely talented artist, William Couig. Each of these candles is a centerpiece in any home, plus the containers can be refilled at the store or simply used as a decorative piece/vase etc. after burning the candle.

The store has a workshop so customers can participate in candle making by simply observing or book a private session with Enly to really get their hands on it and make candles with her.

ENLY candle scents available will include:

  • 227, Signature perfume ENLY with hints of thyme and cedarwood and infused with grated palo santo
  • Evergreen with notes of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, balsam and vanilla
  • Jasmine with neroli, jasmine, white musk and vetiver notes
  • Oud Patchouli with notes of bergamot, oud, patchouli, sandalwood and amber
  • Pink with notes of geranium, neroli, lemongrass and rose.

When I started ENLY the goal was to pay particular attention to the ingredients that I used in the candles. My obsessive focus on quality led me to use premium ingredients that not only smelled great, but free of harmful ingredients. Opening a cafe has been my lifelong dream and it felt like it was now or never. So I just took a leap of faith and said to myself, “I’ll find a solution”. I have always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for friends. I like to give and make people smile and feel appreciated. I think we just need more kindness in this world. Enly is a place where me and my team will do our best to make everyone’s day better. I want Enly to be more than a coffee and candle shop, I want it to be a cozy atmosphere. My mum always told me that I’ve been a dreamer all my life, always with my head in the clouds, but quite honestly I think that’s why I’m where I’m doing what I love . –Enly Tammela

ENLY will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information visit and @enly_nyc

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