Comic Con is back in Greenville

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) — For all the comic book fans and cosplayers out East, Greenville North Carolina Comic Con has come with a full schedule of meet-and-greets and costume contests.

William Ritenour came to the convention to introduce his son to the world.

“Everyone is just family and community,” Ritenour said, “and those are the values ​​I want to pass on to my son.”

Organizer Sherry Deel says there’s something for everyone in attendance, even if you’re not a fan of traditional comic books.

“There’s pop culture, there’s anime, there’s a bit of everything in there. Pretty much if you like it, they’ve got it in there,” Deel said.

Some of the highlights of the program included panel discussions on comics, cartoons and even costume contests.

For 5 years, the convention has welcomed an average of 4,000 people. Last year due to COVID they took a hit.

“It had an impact last year,” Deel said. “We were probably down about 700 attendees last year.”

Now that the COVID restrictions and mandates are over, attendees and vendors are excited to be a part of the good times the convention brings to Greenville, coming as themselves or their biggest hero.

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