COM’S Pickens wins at Open Championship

City of Midland Aquatics diver Samantha Pickens has won the senior women’s 3m springboard at the USA Diving Open Championship at COM Aquatics.

Pickens won a close event scoring 288.50 while Carolina Scutti of Mission Viejo scored 288.45.

Scutti had teamed up with Anne Fowler of the Johansen Academy on Thursday to win the women’s 3m synchronized springboard.

In the senior men’s 1-metre springboard competition, Lyle Yost won it with 370.20 points to beat fellow untethered diver in Clayton Chaplin, who had 361.35 points. Yost competes in collegiate competitions at Ohio State University.

The open championship continues Saturday with the men’s 3-meter final and the women’s platform final.

United States Open Diving Championship

At COM Aquatique



Senior 3 meter springboard – 1. Samantha Pickens, COM, 288.50; 2. Caroline Scutti, Mission Viejo, 288.45; 3. Julia Vincent, Kentucky Diving Club, 271.55; 4. Kyndal Knight, Kentucky Diving Club, 257.90; 5. Lanie Gutch, unattached, 251.30; 6. Mackenzie Crawford, alone, 247.75; 7. Ellie Joyce, Dominon Diving Club, 243.90; 8. Kaylee Bishop, Coral Springs Diving, 243.05; 9. Chloe Sharpe, Woodlands Diving Academy, 240.45; 10. Sophia McAfee, Purdue Diving, 239.20; 11. Joslyn Oakley, Carolina Diving Academy, 224.40; 12. Mariana Huang, Woodland Diving Academy, 196.15


Senior 1 meter springboard – 1. Lyle Yost, unattached, 370.20; 2. Clayton Chaplin, unattached, 361.35; 3. Dylan Reed, Pitt Diving Club, 324.00; 4. Jack Matthews, alone, 322.90; 5. Cameron Cash, Pitt Diving Club, 322.35; 6. Kyle Ly, McCormick divers, 320.60; 7. Samuel Duncan, unattached, 313.95; 8. Jack Ryan, unattached, 313.15; 9. Adam Sneden, Unattached, 312.15; 10. Ryan Augustine, McCormick divers, 305.45; 11. Holden Higbie, RipFest, 287.95; 12. Che Stephens, unattached, 278.90

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