Cryptocurrency-Inspired Snack Cakes : $TWINKcoin snack cakes

The $TWINKcoin Snack Cakes are a tongue-in-cheek Hostess product for avid Twinkies fans to try this summer.

The cupcakes are named and formulated with the cryptocurrency market in mind and feature the familiar vanilla sponge cake composition of the original Twinkies. The cakes are filled with cream and maintain a coin-like profile to further create the correlation between the product and the cryptocurrency market. The cake toppers are packed in a shiny gold color box to help them attract more buyers’ attention.

The $TWINKcoin Snack Cakes are a limited-edition product slated to hit Walmart stores starting in late June. Priced at $3.49, the cupcakes will come in packs of 10 individually wrapped servings.

Image credit: Hostess Brands, Inc.


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