Cultural-Themed Vibrant Spring Fashion : vizir

French designer Pierre-Louis Mascia presents his latest collection designed for the spring/summer 2023 season with the latest Vizir capsule. The seasonal range takes inspiration from around the world and combines this with the designer’s love for color. The Vizir range showcases the Diadora sneaker model, a new style faithful to the designer’s aesthetic.

It features a mix of leather and canvas along with heavyweight corduroy to create a textured look throughout the silhouette. It is brought to a vibrant angle with the fusion of colors including scattered dusty pink, red, black, white and blue. The capsule is described as being influenced by a “Persian world where culture and lifestyle are sophisticated and refined, the ideal meeting of visual art and dynamism. Inspired by a concept of elegance from the 1950s, notably by two icons such as Fred Astaire and Yma Sumac, “Vizir” embodies an idealized vision of sportswear, where elegance and creativity meet comfort and technique.

Image credit: Pierre-Louis Mascia


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