Dairy-Free Milkshake Menus : tangerine dream

Smashburger has partnered with Eclipse Foods to launch a new collection of vegan milkshakes, including unique flavor options such as the “Tangerine Dream”. Other flavors are the standard “Vanilla”, “Chocolate” and “Strawberry”, as well as two unique offerings of “Peanut Butter” and “Oreo”. Oreo is a remarkable addition to the collection of dairy-free milkshakes because Oreo is known for its naturally vegan cookies.

Both companies are excited about the partnership as it marks the first large-scale deployment of plant-based milkshakes in the restaurant industry in the United States. Smashburger is an industry pioneer and brings vegan offerings to the mainstream market by combining great flavors at affordable prices. These six vegan milkshakes are suitable for all customers, as they don’t compromise on flavor despite their list of vegan ingredients.

Image Credit: Eclipse Foods


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