Depicting fashion’s present and future in a single collection

At 21, fashion designer Ellis Co is breaking with traditional fashion shows.

The future and the present of fashion come together in this classic leather jacket and restructured cargo pants for him, and vice versa for her.

The present and the future collided when Co presented its first collection of haute couture streetwear, inspired by the phenomenon of deja vu. Aptly dubbed “Memories of the Future”, the fall 2022 collection marked the birth of her fashion label Archives.

“I chose the Archives brand because the clothes I create are timeless and enduring pieces, and in themselves a collection of historical records,” explains the promising 21-year-old design director.

Inviting as a “presentation of fashion beyond the traditional runway”, Co’s runway show did not disappoint as a multi-sensory experience. With the help of fashion show director Frank Mamaril, Co brought their time travel concept into production.

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Ascended at Whitespace Manila in Makati City, which has been visually transformed into a portal, guests got a glimpse into the future of fashion through Co’s collection, curated by Archive’s creative director, Reika Mayani.

The talented instrumentalists of Manila String Machine have combined this multi-sensory experience with Vivaldi classics (The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 2, “Summer” III) intertwined with contemporary rhythms as the sound of the future-present concept.

Memoirs of the Future featured a total of 44 plays, dramatically divided into segments. The opening saw a parade of black which provided an introduction to the designer’s take on unconventional proportions. Outerwear has been reinvented into oversized pieces with obi sashes and curved lapels as the designer’s signature touch.

Breaking up the dark and dark suites was a single white garment that forms a cloud-like hood on top.

Breaking up the dark and dark suites was a single white garment that forms a cloud-like hood on top.

Breaking up the dark and dark suites was a single white garment that formed a ruffled hoodie over the head, dramatically resembling a precious white cloud.

The rest of the sequels saw Co play on neutrals and fall attire, pairing, for example, a classic black dress with a trench coat or puffer jacket, and restructured cargo pants with a suit or leather jacket.

The end of the show was an exhibition of Co’s gray ensembles which reflected a young and hip vibe that is sophisticated at the same time.

Other pieces from Ellis Co’s Memoirs of the Future can be found on the brand’s official Instagram page, @archives.galerie.


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