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Millie Bobby Brown practically grown up in front of the world. The stranger things star, 18, started playing Eleven when she was, well… 11 years old. And his character is absolutely essential. In fact, Eleven has so many mysterious powers that she wields so dramatically that it’s led to a heated debate among fans of the wildly popular show. Did young Eleven really create the Upside Down, this terrifying alternate universe in which childhood friend Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) went down in season 1?

Millie Bobby Brown
Billie Bobby Brown (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

In a new interview, Millie actually answered that question, straight – along with other essential information about the highly anticipated second volume of stranger things 4. Season four, it turns out, answers a lot of questions about her character, and when. Variety asked the accomplished actress if it was “satisfying” to finally have so much revealed about Eleven and Upside Down, she replied “of course”.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown in “Stranger Things” (Everett Collection)

“I’ve had so many questions for years and years about where Eleven comes from, who she is,” she told the publication in the interview posted June 17. [Matthew Modine] intentions? What are his intentions now? Is he still alive? But you know, [series creators] the Duffer Brothers, they’re the only ones in the world who know stranger things better than us. I trusted that they would always bring it home and answer everyone’s questions. So this season has been the season where you will get answers to all those questions.

Perhaps most importantly – and here’s the biggest spoiler – Millie outright revealed whether or not Eleven created the Upside Down. “Please help settle a debate I have with my colleagues: Did the Duffers tell you that Eleven created the Upside Down in the scene with Jamie’s character at the end?” journalist Adam B Vary asked. “They told me,” she replied. “She does. She opens the rift.

Millie Bobby Brown
‘Stranger Things’ (Everett Collection)

No mean feat, for a girl who would also go on to star in no less than 2 Godzilla movies. But in a hurry, Millie hesitated before deciding. Vary dared to wonder if the Upside Down was already here, or already in existence, when Eleven opened it.

“It’s too big a debate for me to answer,” Millie first said. “I’m so worried. I think – no, no, no. I think the alternate universe has always been there. It’ll always be under Hawkins. I just think she has access to it. I don’t think she created the Upside Down. No, I think it’s always been there, I think it just created a doorway that no one could before.

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