Dried Tofu Knots : Tofu Tasty

Tofu Tasty’s Craft Tofu Knots offer a new experience of a staple ingredient in Asian cooking. The Dried Tofu Knots were inspired by a TV appearance by Bonnie Chung at Ch 4’s Sunday Brunch, which caused a 900% increase in searches for this type of tofu on Google.

It wasn’t long before Asian food expert and cookbook author Bonnie saw the opportunity to launch a sister brand to her award-winning company Miso Tasty. Although dried tofu is well known in China and Japan, it is relatively new in other markets. Notably, the launch of Tofu Tasty will be the first time cured tofu will be available in supermarkets in the UK.

The all-natural, nutritious, vegan, and plant-based knots are made with only soy and water and are comparable to pasta in the way they’re twisted into unique shapes.


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