Entertainment News Roundup: ‘Bullet Train’ repeats No. 1, ‘Top Gun’ returns to second place as box office nearly grinds to halt; U.S. actor Anne Heche taken off life support 9 days after car crash and more

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‘Bullet Train’ Repeats No. 1, ‘Top Gun’ Returns to No. 2 as Box Office Nearly Halts

Is everyone on vacation? This would be a plausible explanation behind the big box office downturn. Although three new films opened domestically, none could crack the top five on the domestic charts and only two – A24’s satirical slasher “Bodies Bodies” and Lionsgate’s dizzying thriller ” Fall” – managed to infiltrate the top 10.

American actress Anne Heche was taken off life support 9 days after a car accident

American actress Anne Heche was taken off life support on Sunday, nine days after she was seriously injured in a violent car accident, when a compatible person was found to receive her donated organs, a carrier said. word. Heche, 53, had been legally dead since Friday, but still with a heartbeat, and was kept on life support to preserve her organs so they could be donated, her representatives said.

Tokyo diners enjoy Demogorgon pasta and Eleven’s waffles at ‘Stranger Things’ cafe

Japanese fans of the sci-fi hit “Stranger Things” can feast on demonic pasta and dance to retro 1980s tunes at a pop-up cafe inspired by the Netflix Inc. horror drama The Shop, a partnership with the Local restaurants Pronto Corp, recently extended its run in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district by several months amid overwhelming demand. “Stranger Things” has remained one of the streamer’s top 10 shows in Japan since releasing its fourth season in May.

One dead and dozens injured as high winds cause stage to collapse at Spain festival

One person was killed and dozens were injured when high winds caused part of the main stage to collapse during a dance music festival near the Spanish city of Valencia early on Saturday, officials said. emergency services. Other infrastructure was also damaged when gusts hit the Medusa Festival, a massive six-day electronic music festival held in the east coast town of Cullera.

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