Fantasy Premier League: How to use the wildcard, bench boost and free hit chips this season

Chips were introduced to the Fantasy Premier League game before the 2015-16 season and it really transformed the way we play.

Over the years, the types of single-use chips — think of them like power-ups in computer games — available have changed. This season we have a free kick, triple captain chip, bench boost chip and two jokers.

Only one token can be played in a single game week.

Due to the unprecedented World Cup break in November of this season, we were forced to research new strategies to maximize the use of our chips.

In this article, I’ll explain exactly what chips do and when is the best time to use them in 2022-23.

The Joker

The generic chip allows you to make unlimited transfers within your team’s budget without incurring a hit point. We are getting two wildcards and this season the first one must be used by Gameweek 16. The second wildcard will be available from Monday December 26th (Gameweek 17) and we have until the end of the season to use it.

Because we get unlimited transfers during the World Cup (between Gameweek 16 and Gameweek 17), it will really pay off to use our first wild card earlier this season.

Gameweek 9 (the one we’re currently in) is a good time to use it because we can enjoy game swings for teams such as Leicester City, Chelsea and Crystal Palace, for example, and jump


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