Five contenders with gaping holes remaining after the MLB trade deadline

Each team enters the trade deadline with a wish list. No one gets everything they want, although in San Diego that may be the case right now.

No list is perfect. There are always holes, even in the most powerful clubs, small problems that the front office and the manager have to try to solve, game after game.

Let’s take a look at a few of these potential pain points, focusing on the contenders. We’ll use a few basic criteria: whether a competing team has a position group that has bWAR rated at least half a standard deviation below average, and plans to continue at that level for the rest of the season they could be on this list.

Below are the holes in the list with the greatest potential impact on the title hunt, along with some possible solutions. Position rankings are listed for each spot: season-to-date and forecast, based on’s WAR for the season-to-date production and the rest-of-season forecast from Fangraphs.

Problem location: Second base (19th season to date, 28th remainder of season)

Chicago’s inaction at the deadline was troubling, though it was perhaps more a reflection of the thinning of its system than a lack of motivation to improve the roster. There is no position where the White Sox needed more improvement than second base, where their projection for the rest of the season is 1.6 standard deviations below average. Congratulations: This makes this the biggest positional hole of a contending team.


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