Flavorful Collagen Protein Powders : collagen protein powder

Rowdy, a brand specializing in health-focused bars and powders, has launched two new flavors of its collagen protein powders. Previously only available in Snickerdoodle, consumers can now enjoy these powerful blends in Chocolate and Vanilla options. Rowdy’s Collagen Protein Powders contain 20 grams of bovine collagen protein. The blends also contain just two grams of net carbs and zero sugar.

Rowdy is proud of a one-of-a-kind SUPERFOOD PREbiotic protein powder. The brand leverages a special ingredient in its formulation called Yacon Root. Naturally sweet and rich in prebiotic fiber, this gut-healing plant ingredient helps regulate blood pressure, supports the immune system, suppresses appetite, and (perhaps most importantly), it promotes a healthy microbiome.

Image Credit: Rowdy


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