Footie fans slam Premier League clubs for rip-off prices of garish away kits

FOOTBALL fans have grown coy about new replica kit prices – and are sick as parrots of the filthy designs of away tops.

Spurs supporters have to shell out more than supporters of other clubs in the Premier League, which kicked off a new season last night.


Leeds United fan says their £65 kit looks like a ‘biro accident’Credit: Instagram

A Tottenham top will cost them £75 – and the whole kit £150.

But fans also took pictures of the garish look of some of the second strips.

Leeds supporter David Roe grumbled: “I don’t really understand why we have an away kit that looks like an accident where a ballpoint pen was left in a pocket.

“I would much rather we just had a simple yellow or blue away kit. Simple shirts tend to look better.

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“But at least we’re not Southampton – theirs looks like bad publicity for washing powder.”

Spurs fan Aaron Tunney said: “Our new away kit looks like training gear at best and at worst it looks like a scuba diving top.

“Between ticket prices and the replica kit, being a Spurs fan is expensive.”

Chelsea’s replica top is 5p cheaper than its London rivals.

Southampton's kit 'looks like a washing powder advert' and costs £55


Southampton’s kit ‘looks like a washing powder advert’ and costs £55Credit:

But elsewhere in the capital, Brentford minnows have the cheapest Prem shirt at £49 as they have kept the same kit as last season.

Arsenal, Man City, Man United and newly promoted Fulham sit third in the price table with their home and away shirts all costing £70.

But Fulham fan Archie Green, 32, said: “Even though we have just been promoted there is no way I will buy the new kit.

“I can think of a million other things I’d rather spend money on.”

Liverpool were second most expensive at 5p less.

The Reds are yet to release their new away kit but the price has been leaked online as five times as expensive at £74.95.

Crystal Palace, Southampton, Brighton, Wolves and Bournemouth shirts were the cheapest after Brentford at £55.

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Everton charge just £5 more, but Toffees fan George Thompson, 28, got stuck when he said: “It looks crap.

“I much prefer our old school kits. What a waste of money.”

Tottenham's £75 kit has been compared to a scuba diving suit


Tottenham’s £75 kit has been compared to a scuba diving suitCredit:
Fulham's unusual colorful kit will cost fans £70


Fulham’s unusual colorful kit will cost fans £70Credit:
Promoted side Bournemouth's kit costs £55


Promoted side Bournemouth’s kit costs £55Credit:
Crystal Palace fans will also have to pay £55 to own their new away kit


Crystal Palace fans will also have to pay £55 to own their new away kitCredit:

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