Godiva’s stolen D.C. puppies: Fourth puppy returns; 3 still missing

Another stolen pup has been returned after he and six littermates were stolen from their mother in Washington.

Humane Rescue Alliance officials said Tuesday that a fourth pup – named Apollo – was reunited with its mother, Godiva, and three other siblings – Link, Glitter and Aries. Apollo was brought to the alliance office Monday night with his favorite lamb chop.

Authorities said they were “working with the unsuspecting family who bought Apollo and brought him to them. Once he is older and stronger and can be separated from his mother and littermates, they said, they plan to bring him back to this family.

But Godiva’s three remaining puppies are still missing and officials said they are continuing to try to recover them.

The story of the stolen puppies began in mid-July when the malnourished and pregnant Godiva was picked up by the Humane Rescue Alliance. He took care of her and she managed to deliver a litter of seven puppies in early August.

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Godiva, a one-year-old girl believed to be a Labrador mix, has been moved into foster care so she can be with her 5-week-old puppies.

But in late August, rescue officials received a call that a dog had been found tied to a post outside a house in Crittenden Street NE. They got the dog and realized it was Godiva. But she was without her puppies.

After a search of another home in the 4800 block of North Capitol Street NE, they found one of seven puppies. The other three were returned in recent days to the rescue group.

Humane Rescue Alliance investigators gave few details about the case, as they said it was under investigation, and they are trying to figure out how, why and when Godiva was separated from his puppies.

Anyone with a tip can call Humane Rescue officials at 202-723-5730.

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