‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’ goes places Hollywood is usually afraid of

Here’s something hard to do: make a movie that tells a simple story using just two people and a place that doesn’t look like a play.

And here’s something else that’s difficult, albeit for cultural rather than stylistic reasons: to make a lightly comedic film that explores the sexuality of a woman in her sixties in a direct, sensitive, and unreserved way, and to have a real movie star playing this woman.

That this is only part of what is accomplished in Good luck to you, Leo Grande it must be some kind of magic, but here we are. Emma Thompson plays Nancy, a widow who has decided to add something to her life, in this case by hiring a sex worker to give her the chance to have sex with an attractive young man who will do things with her that she doesn’t. has never experienced for decades. marriage. That man is Leo Grande, played by relative newcomer Daryl McCormack, and who is, indeed, incredibly handsome, charming, and talented. But Nancy has blocks, some of them personal, some of them simply because of a lack of opportunity, and some of them because of societal ideas about what women “should” and “ shouldn’t’ do. Leo, for his part, is exceptional at projecting a fantasy, despite being, as Nancy learns, also a human being.

There aren’t exactly any twists and turns, but I can comfortably say that you won’t know where the movie is heading, simply because people are complicated and the movie’s writer, Katy Brand, and director, Sophie Hyde , do a hell of a job treating these characters like people. Emma Thompson is stellar in what is a genuinely risque role, as we know full well how women her age are treated in Hollywood and how hard we try to de-sex older women.

Good luck to you, Leo Grande covers a plot of ground regarding our attitudes towards sex and sex work, and its wide range means that it tackles some of these things more successfully than others, but it ultimately does so with genuine empathy and pleasantly warm respect for the joy of sex.

Good luck to you, Leo Grande is on Hulu.

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