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The screenshot that shows the overpriced outfits was shared by Twitter user Arshad Wahid. It shows regular grandpa shorts sold for 15,000 and left netizens in disbelief.

Do you remember the Sabyasachi and H&M collaboration where a normal saree was priced at a huge 9,999? Internet users were furious – and rightly so. Turns out, it’s not the only ordinary piece of clothing that’s overpriced. A pair of shorts that you’ve probably seen your dad or grandfather casually wear at home are being sold for a whopping 15,450 by a fashion brand. Not only that, but there is another outfit at the cost of 11,450.

The image that shows the overpriced outfits comes with a caption, “Why are these pattapatti pants 15k?” The post featuring the average clothing price left netizens in disbelief.

Twitter user Arshad Wahid shared the screenshot. It shows clothes listed by a brand called Kobe. The image shows a plaid outfit on the left and on the right shorts with thick blue and green stripes with a red outline.

Take a look at the tweet below:

Since being shared a day ago, the tweet has received over 700 likes. The share also received a flurry of comments.

“Do sane people buy this?” posted an individual. “It’s not pants,” another commented. “Handcrafted. Ecological. Handwoven. Handsewn,” a third pointed out.

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