Hashtag Trending August 5 – Equifax credit score mishap; new anti-robocall taskforce; Cloudflare email forwarding bug

Equifax misreported credit scores for loan applications, the US forms a new anti-robocall task force, and a Danish student discovers a flaw in Cloudflare’s email forwarding service.

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US credit agency Equifax reportedly sent inaccurate credit scores to millions of US consumers over a three-week period in 2022. These credit scores appear to be affecting those who applied for loans. According to the Wall Street Journal, the error sent reported credit swinging up to 20 points in either direction. In a brief explanation, Equifax attributed the error to a technology coding issue. And while it’s unclear whether they affected loan approval rates, Equifax said consumer credit reports were unaffected. The company has since fixed the bug.

The United States has formed the new Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force to combat fraudulent calls with the support of attorneys general from all 50 US states. The task force will focus on seeking legal action against gateway providers that turn a blind eye to robocalls. Sometimes gateway providers route foreign robocalls to their home phone networks in exchange for money. According to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, US phone numbers receive more than 33 million scam robocalls a day. They range from Social Security scams to Internal Revenue Service impersonation. The United States lost $30 billion to fraudulent calls in 2021 alone.

A college student has won $6,000 for discovering a massive flaw in Cloudflare’s email routing service. Email routing services allow the user to set aliases for an existing email and are often used to prevent spam in the actual inbox. But as Albert Pedersen discovered in December, a bug in Cloudflare’s “zone ownership verification” system potentially allowed a hacker to redirect emails that didn’t belong to him. It could also have prevented the emails from reaching their targets. Cloudflare confirmed that the bug was not exploited and has since fixed it. For his hard work, Pedersen won $6,000 paid by Cloudflare’s Bug Bounty program.

As deadly heat waves sweep across Europe. Spain has put a cap on how public places are allowed to adjust their air conditioning. A new law, due to come into force next week, will limit the air conditioning setting to at least 27°C to save energy. Public places affected include offices, bars, airports and theatres. Although it is not compulsory for individual households, Spain is urging its citizens to apply the same rule at home. Moreover, the country has also required that these places maintain a temperature of 19°C or lower during the winter.

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