Hawaiian designer makes history with Europe fashion tour

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawai’i continues to write history through fashion.

Last year was the New York Fashion Show where Kamohoalii’s Dezigns and other designers made their presence known.

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But this year, it’s about inviting Dezigns by Kamohoalii to not just one, but three more of the world’s top fashion shows, including London, Milan and Paris.

For more, we’re here with designer Micah Kamohoalii of Dezigns by Kamohoalii.

Tell us a bit about this trip, this circuit that you will do next month throughout the month of September.

“We’re heading to London, Milan and Paris and taking a slew of models from home,” Kamohoalii said.

Kamohoalii continued, “Each track for us is a different theme. We present Hawaiian arts at their best: feathers in our first show, kapa, as well as weaving in our last show.

I like the fact though, talking to you before that, that you’re playing shows at each of these places, but those are really the stories that you share at these shows.

Tell us a bit about those mo’olelo.

“In addition to fashion, we’re having our concert series,” Kamohoalii said.

“It’s called Ka Momi taken from a Kalakaua song traveling the world. We tell the story of our homeland. I come from Waimea on the island of Hawaii and many of our families have English ancestry. So we kind of retrace their steps and those of our monarchs, Queen Liliuokalani and King Kalakaua, and we tell the stories and the songs that have been written about London,” Kamohoalii said.

“And then we go to Milan and do the same with the stories and the songs in Italy and then finally in Paris as well. So three different concerts and our series is called Ka Momi”, explained Kamohoalii.

It’s awesome and just the fact that you find an opportunity through fashion to tell these stories is awesome, so thank you for that.

But I have to say that I guess it’s a lot of work and you need a lot of help to put it all together.

How can we help you guys?

“We have a GoFundMe. It is. There are about 35 of us going,” Kamohoalii said.

“My cousin Amy Hanaialii sings in these concerts as well as Kainani Kahaunaele, another cousin of mine, Jeff Peterson. My halau will also perform in these concerts and some of them will be models. And then our models, so it is quite a team,” Kamohoalii said.

Ok, well that being said, I just guess, I mean I already wear your clothes and you may be looking for models in the future.

So, I think I kind of want to train to be a model so I can travel with you to London and all those fancy places.

So teach me how to be a Dezigns by Kamohoalii model.

“One of the biggest things I notice is that we tend to slouch,” Kamohoalii said.

“And so, we came up with this method where we take household items because we’re from the farm, that’s what we do. But a broomstick, you stick it in the back like that, and what he does, he kind of pulls your shoulders back and he brings it down, and then we walk them that way because it forces them to bring the body up,” Kamohoalii explained.

I can do it.

So that’s the deal then.

I’ll do it and then you comment like a fashion show commentator.

I will try my best.

Hit the tracks now, Kamaka Pili, here in Dezigns by Kamohoalii in Pearlridge.

Modeling of her Hinaikamalama print.

I think I have a new job.

Again, Dezigns from Kamohoalii, they will be leaving for this tour on Wednesday September 14th.

You have the chance, if you are here in Oahu, to discover two new store locations which they are still in the soft opening phase here at Pearlridge Mauka and also Windward Mall.

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