Haylie Duff discusses why she traded Hollywood for Texas

In a recent interview, actress Haylie Duff revealed why she traded Hollywood for the Lone Star State. She told Fox 7 Austin on Monday, June 20, “Texas is my home state. And so I always imagined that I would come back to Texas and raise our family here.”

Duff and her sister, Hilary, are no strangers to Texas as they hail from Houston. Haylie moved to Austin in June 2021, while her sister continues to live in California. However, Hilary visited Austin earlier this month.

Haylie told Fox 7 Austin that she moved to Austin to live closer to her father. At first, she said she feared leaving Los Angeles would hurt her career. But, Haylie added, Zoom has become a powerful tool that keeps her working. Haylie recently starred in The Marriage Pact 2: The Baby Pact. It premiered on June 8.

“I’m so grateful that the work opportunities are still there for me,” she shared. “And I’m also a big believer that God has your back. And so you make the right decision for your family, and he has it.”

According to Fox 7 Austin, one major difference Haylie noticed about the move is traffic.

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