Homeless woman charges couple at Hollywood Kinkos

A homeless woman was caught on camera chasing a couple through a Kinkos store in Hollywood earlier this week.

The interaction took place on Tuesday. The video, provided to FOX 11 by Travis Canby, shows the couple moving through the store, trying to get away from a homeless woman who approaches them.

Canby says that prior to the incident at the store, the woman was in the store’s parking lot, having “ripped her breast off”, according to Canby, the woman reached out in the car of a woman who had just left the Kinkos store, grabbed some papers and threw them in the parking lot. Canby says that after witnessing the interaction, the homeless woman approached him.

The couple then walked into the store, where Canby says they notified the employees. Then the woman followed them, asking “What do you want,” according to Canby.

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The woman is seen trying to approach the couple as they run down the aisles of the store. Employees helped the two out.=

“Exit out the back door. Go ahead sir,” an employee is heard saying in the video, followed by a directive to the woman. “Madam, you have to go now.

The woman then left the store.

The couple told FOX 11’s Travis Rice that they were at the store to do some shopping ahead of their wedding this weekend. They managed to get out of the store without further incident, although they say they were shaken after the episode.


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