How much money will Rangers make from the Champions League?

AFTER a 12-year absence, Rangers will finally be able to dine at the top of European football after beating PSV Eindhoven in their Champions League play-off.

The Ibrox club are guaranteed to have at least six lucrative group stage fixtures that will not only bring prestige and glamour, but also huge financial rewards.

Let’s take a closer look at how much money Rangers can expect to earn from their involvement.

Firstly, when it comes to UEFA competitions, there are five main sources of revenue to consider: participation payments, coefficient share, television money, match day revenue match and prize money. Rangers will be guaranteed 15.64 million euros (£13.2) just for qualifying for the group stages.

The coefficient share is slightly more complicated and is a payment to clubs based on their ten-year coefficient ranking – which for Rangers is lower than their current season ranking.

In this season’s UEFA coefficient rankings, Rangers are 15th after an incredible run to the Europa League final in Sevilla last season, but the club sit 66th in the 10-year standings as they have no did not compete in Europe for five of those incorporated years. This means Rangers will receive payment in the order of their ten-year ranking against other clubs in the group stage. As Rangers have overtaken PSV, a payment of between £960,000 and £3.8m will be received.

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Another major contributor to European revenue is television money paid to competing clubs. UEFA calculates this via the market pool which stipulates that the money should be divided between clubs according to the size of their TV market. What we do know is that Scotland is included in the market pool for the whole of the UK, with BT Sport holding the exclusive rights to matches.

The Premiership’s share is based on Scotland’s population compared to other British nations, which is expected to account for around 10% of the money received by English Premier League teams.

The Champions League money allocated to English teams last season was calculated at around €68m (£57m), so just under £6m would go to the top two Scots. Of that money, 50% would be split between Rangers and Celtic – 55% for the champions and 45% for the runners-up. The other half would be based on the number of matches played by each team in the competition. Thus, if both teams are eliminated after six matches, they would get an equal share.

Matchday revenue is the fourth way to make money from European nights with the vibe of world famous Ibrox. A conservative estimate of £1.5m for a European Champions League night would generate a total of £4.5m, while higher prices for tickets and hospitality for their home games in the elite tournament could push sales through the barrier of £2m per game – or more.

Prize money, of course, is also up for grabs with clubs rewarded for group stage wins and draws. A Champions League win is worth €2.8m (£2.36m) and a draw sees clubs paid €930,000 (£783,000).

Incentive bonuses for qualifying for the Round of 16 are also available with a whopping €9.6m (£8.08m) paid out to clubs qualifying for the Champions League Round of 16.

Taking all this into account, we have calculated Rangers Champions League revenue based on participation fee, coefficient share, TV money and matchday revenue.

However, it’s important to point out that this does not include prize money for possible group stage wins or further qualification:

Champions League guaranteed total

Starting fee: £13.2 million

Coefficient share: £960,000 to £3.8m

TV money: £2.7m

Matchday income: £6m

Total: £22.9-25.7 million

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